Provided by the Microsoft Office suite Outlook email is an application that allows users to send, receive & manage emails which is the most used source of professional communications. And in communication many times mistakes happen. Whether it’s an email sent to the wrong recipient, an attachment you forget to include, or a simple typing error. At that time recalling an email can be a lifesaver for your professional career. Microsoft Outlook provides this feature to its users. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to recall an email in Outlook.

Understanding the Recall Feature

The recall feature in Microsoft Outlook allows you to retrieve and delete an email that has been sent, provided certain conditions are met. This feature can only be used if both you and the recipient are using Microsoft Outlook and are on the same Microsoft Exchange server. Additionally, the recipient must not have read the email for the recall to be successful.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to recall an email in Outlook 

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

First, ensure you have Microsoft Outlook open on your computer. The recall feature is available in the desktop version of Outlook, so this process won’t work on the web or mobile app versions.

2. Navigate to Sent Items

In the left-hand pane of Outlook, find and click on the “Sent Items” folder. This folder contains all the emails you’ve

3. Open the Email to Recall

Locate the email you wish to recall. Double-click on this email to open it in a new window. It’s important to note that you must open the email in its window for the recall option to be available.

4. Access the Recall Option

In the open email window, click on the “Message” tab in the Ribbon at the top. Then, click on the “Actions” button. This may appear as an icon that looks like an envelope with a circular arrow. From the dropdown menu, select “Recall This Message”.

5.Choose Your Recall Options

A dialog box will appear with two options:

  • Delete unread copies of this message: This option will attempt to delete the email from the recipients’ inboxes if they haven’t read it.
  • Delete unread copies and replace them with a new message: This option will delete the original email and open a new email window, allowing you to write and send a corrected message.

Additionally, you can check the box that says “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” to receive notifications on the recall status.

6.Confirm and Send

After selecting the appropriate recall option, click “OK”. If you choose to replace the message, compose your new email and send it. The recall process will now be underway.

Factors Affecting Recall Success

So now you may have got the solution to your query on how to recall an email in Outlook.While recalling an email can be a useful tool, its success is not guaranteed. Several factors can influence whether the recall will work:

  • Email Read Status: The recall will only work if the recipient has not yet read the email.
  • Email Movement: If the recipient has moved the email from their inbox to another folder, the recall attempt will fail.
  • Recipient’s Outlook Configuration: Certain Outlook settings, such as rules that move emails out of the inbox automatically, can prevent successful recalls.
  • Exchange Server: Both you and the recipient must be using Outlook connected to the same Microsoft Exchange server.

Best Practices for how to recall an email in Outlook

To maximize the likelihood of a successful email recall, consider these best practices:

  • Act Quickly: The sooner you attempt to recall the email, the better the chances that it hasn’t been read or moved by the recipient.
  • Double-Check Emails Before Sending: Always review your emails for accuracy, attachments, and recipient details before hitting send.
  • Follow-up: If your recall attempt fails, send a follow-up email to explain the mistake and provide the correct information.

Alternatives for how to recall an email in Outlook

If the recall attempt is unsuccessful or not possible, consider these alternatives:

  • Apologize Promptly: Send a follow-up email to apologize for the error and provide the correct information.
  • Use Delay Send Feature: Outlook allows you to delay the sending of emails by a few minutes, giving you a buffer to catch mistakes before the email actually goes out.


Recalling an email in Microsoft Outlook can be a valuable tool in your professional communication toolkit. By understanding how the feature works and the factors that affect its success, you can effectively manage email mistakes. Remember to always double-check your emails before sending them and act quickly if you need to recall an email. With these tips, you can maintain professionalism and efficiency in your email communications. Hope you got the best solution to your query on how to recall an email in Outlook.

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