Thanks to its wide variety of printers, which includes Laserjet, Deskjet, Designjet, PageWide Pro, and Officejet models, HP has become a global leader in the printer industry. These printers are well known for producing prints of excellent quality. But much like any complicated gadget, HP printers might occasionally face error codes. The HP printer error 59.F0 is one of the most prevalent problems that consumers encounter.

An error code that might show up while the printer is operating is HP printer error 59.F0. To address this error, use these troubleshooting procedures to find and fix the underlying problem. Through the appropriate troubleshooting procedure, users may effectively fix the issue and get back to printing normally.

What is HP Printer Error 59.F0 ?

When the internal motor of the printer breaks down, this error happens. The failure of transfer alienation is the primary cause of this mistake. When there is a transfer alienation failure, the ITB becomes stuck and is unable to spin. The problem with the SR9 sensor might also be the cause of printer error 59.F0. This sensor is vital to the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor, or Sensor K, relies heavily on this sensor. Prior to making any significant repairs, attempt the most straightforward method to resolve the issue. If you’re lucky, it should be solved; if not, you’ll need to resort to more involved techniques.

Why does the HP printer error 59.F0 occur?

There are a number of possible causes for the HP printer error 59.F0. Here are four possible reasons why this mistake may have occurred:

  • Stuck Transfer Belt (1TB): A stuck Transfer Belt (1TB) is a frequent cause of the error 59.F0. The vital part in charge of transferring toner onto paper is the Transfer Belt. This error message may appear on the printer if it becomes stuck and is unable to spin freely.
  • 2. SR9 sensor malfunction: The SR9 sensor is in charge of identifying the Transfer Belt’s movement. The error 59.F0 may occur if this sensor malfunctions or is unable to detect the correct movement.
  • 3. Error 59.F0: The printer’s internal motor may be experiencing issues, which might lead to this error. The error might arise if the motor that propels the Transfer Belt experiences problems or malfunctions.
  • 4. Failure of Transfer Alienation: This happens when the Transfer Belt, or 1TB, cannot turn completely. The error number 59.F0 might result from mechanical problems or external items getting in the way of its movement.

How Can the HP Printer Error Code 59.F0 Be Fixed?

There are a few efficient ways to deal with the HP printer trouble code 59.F0. These involve setting up the 1TB (Transfer Belt) and resetting the HP printer and toner. It’s also critical to confirm that the sensor is operating properly. Users may successfully erase the error from their printing equipment and resume regular printing activities by following these easy procedures.

  • Technique 1: Restart the printer
    -Send the printer’s settings back.
    -Get rid of the surge protector.

Proceed to the next technique if the issues are still unsolved.

  • Technique 2: Let the ITB reset:
    Let the ITB reset
    It is now necessary to examine the internal connections of the ITB, including the connections to the DC controller PCA, also referred to as connector J128 and the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor associated with connector J19
  • Technique 3: Examine the ITBYou should fully remove the ITB and physically test the ITB gear and the flag if the problem still occurs. How would one go about doing this?
    When you spin the white gear, rotate the gear and look for any changes in the flag.

It’s time to replace the ITB if damage to the flag is discovered.

What happens, though, if the flag and ITB equipment are flawless? Look for the SR9 Sensor. You must do the Manual Sensor test for this by following the instructions listed below.

Take off the ITB components, find the Sensor SR9 within the ITB cavity, and look through the control panel.

To bring up the diagnostics menu, press the “Home” button and the down arrow.

Select the Manual Sensor Test by clicking the “Okay” button, then click “OK.”

Examine the interior of the ITB cavity, remove the SR9 flag, and watch the display to see how the sensor reacts when you press it. The sensor ought to alternate between zero and one. You must replace the sensor if the toggle does not operate.

  • Technique 4: Speak with HP Technical Support

This is your only choice if none of the other techniques work. Speak with the customer support team. HP boasts a superb staff of highly skilled experts that can promptly identify the issue and implement the required fixes. They are constantly prepared to answer any technical questions you may have and offer pertinent answers. You may reach them by phone on a number of different lines, or you can email them if you would like to send them images or videos of the issue so they can see it clearly.


If this problem is occurring for you, it’s important to:

  • Examine the fuser region for any obstacles or strange items.
  • Check to make sure the fuser unit is inserted correctly and sits in the allotted space.
  • Examine the fuser for evidence of wear or damage, and replace it if needed.
  • Reset the problem by power cycling the printer; but, if it continues, you may need to get it repaired professionally or get in touch with HP assistance.

Error 59.F0 ultimately indicates a fuser problem, which may need to be fixed with a mix of maintenance, examination, and maybe replacement.