QuickBooks is a versatile and widely-used accounting software developed by Intuit, designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their financial operations efficiently. Since its launch in the early 1980s, QuickBooks has evolved to become a comprehensive tool offering a range of features to cater to various business needs wich also increased QuickBooks cost. 

But knowing how much QuickBooks costs is essential to make an informed decision. We will help you find how much QuickBooks costs across different versions and plans in 2024 so that you can choose the best option for your business needs.

  1. QuickBooks Online plans 

QuickBooks offers several pricing tiers, each with varying features to cater to different business sizes and needs.

  1. Simple Start
  • Cost: ₹499 per month
  • Features: Basic accounting needs, track income, and capture expenses and , maximize tax deductions, invoice and accept payments, run basic reports.
  1. Essentials
  • Cost: ₹799 per month 
  • Features: includes all simple start features , plus manage bills, track time, and allow up to three users
  1. Plus 
  • Cost: ₹1,099 per month 
  • Features: All Essentials features, along with tracking project profitability, inventory management, and allowing up to five users.
  1. Advanced 
  • Cost: ₹3,499 per month
  • Features: Includes all Plus features, with advanced reporting and analytics, a dedicated account manager, enhanced custom fields, and premium apps.

If you’re wondering how much is QuickBooks cost, it’s ₹3,499 per month with all the robust features a growing business might need. 

  1. QuickBooks Self-Employed 
  • Cost: ₹299 per month 
  • Features:Designed for freelancers and independent contractors, this plan includes tracking mileage, separating business and personal expenses, basic invoicing, and tax calculations. 
  1. QuickBooks Desktop Plans 

For those who prefer a locally installed solution, QuickBooks offers several desktop versions with one-time purchase options or annual subscription models. Below are the typical costs for QuickBooks 

Desktop versions in India:

 A.QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus

  • Cost: ₹15,000 per year
  • Features: Basic accounting tools, managing bills and expenses, invoicing, and reporting. Also includes 24/7 customer support and automatic backups in the same  QuickBooks cost.
  1. QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus 
  • Cost: ₹25,000 per year
  • Features: All Pro Plus features, plus industry-specific reports, forecasting, and advanced inventory tools.
  1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 
  • Cost: Starts at ₹50,000 per year 
  • Features: Comprehensive solution for large businesses, including advanced reporting, payroll management, inventory tracking, and can support up to 40 users.

If you are curious about how much QuickBooks software costs, the desktop versions offer flexible pricing based on your business requirements.

  1. QuickBooks Payroll Services

Understanding how much QuickBooks payroll costs is crucial for businesses needing payroll management. In India, QuickBooks Payroll services integrate with QuickBooks Online and offer the following pricing: 

  • QuickBooks costs for Online Payroll: Starts at ₹3,000 per month + ₹200 per employee per month. 
  • QuickBooks cost for  Desktop Payroll: 

Varies based on the specific needs of the business, typically starting from ₹3,500 per month + ₹150 per employee per month.

  1. Additional Costs and Considerations
  • Add-Ons and Integrations QuickBooks offers numerous add-ons and third-party integrations to enhance functionality.QuickBooks Costs for these add-ons vary depending on the service.
  • Discounts and Promotions Intuit frequently offers discounts and promotions for new users, especially when opting for an annual subscription. Always check the QuickBooks India website or consult with a QuickBooks advisor for the latest QuickBooks cost .


The QuickBooks cost varies widely based on the version and features you choose. Even if you’re a freelancer, a small or a large business enterprise, there’s a QuickBooks plan tailored to your needs and budget. By understanding how much QuickBooks costs and the different pricing options and features, you can select the best QuickBooks plan to simplify your accounting processes and support your business growth.

Additional Tips: 

  • Research and Compare: Before making a decision, compare the features of different plans in detail. QuickBooks often updates its offerings, so ensure you’re looking at the latest information for the latest QuickBooks cost in your region. 
  • Trial Periods: Take advantage of free trials offered by QuickBooks to test the software before committing to a subscription.
  • Consult with an Accountant: If unsure about which plan to choose, consulting with an accountant or a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can provide valuable insights customized to your specific business needs.  Quickbooks costs will increase according to more features and software.

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