“Encounter an issue while setting up AOL Mail with Gmail’s IMAP server? You may be seeing an ‘Incoming Mail IMAP Server Error.’ This message typically arises when there’s a misconfiguration in the IMAP settings. America Online (AOL Mail), is a division of Yahoo! Inc. AOL Mail is a web-based email services provider by AOL 

Understanding the trouble with AOL Mail on Incoming Mail IMAP Server Error – IMAP Setting for Gmail :

  • The Trouble with AOL Mail  IMAP Server Error in incoming mail lies in the IMAP settings for Gmail. 
  • When configuring AOL Mail to access Gmail via IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol), users may encounter this error due to wrong server settings. 
  • To resolve this, ensure the IMAP settings for AOL Mail are correctly configured to access Gmail’s servers. 
  • This includes entering the correct server address, port number, and authentication method provided by Gmail.
  •  Make sure the username and password associated with the Gmail account to ensure they are entered correctly.
  •  By verifying and updating these settings, users can overcome the incoming mail IMAP Server Error and successfully access their Gmail emails through AOL Mail.

How to Resolve the trouble on AOL Mail on Incoming Mail IMAP Server Error when using IMAP Setting for Gmail :

  • Check Settings on IMAP

Ensure that you’ve carefully entered the IMAP settings for AOL Mail. make sure the server address, port number, and security settings are correct.

  • Update IMAP Configuration 

If you’ve changed your Gmail settings recently, make sure you’ve updated the IMAP configuration in your AOL Mail account.

  • Empower IMAP Access

Verify that IMAP access is empowered in your AOL Mail account settings. Sometimes, this feature might be disabled by default.

  • Clear IMAP Cache and Cookies

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies as they may be causing conflicts.

  • Contact from AOL support

If none of the above steps work and the problem continues, contact AOL support for assistance. 

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the trouble of incoming mail IMAP server error and access your AOL Mail using Gmail’s IMAP settings.


Checking and updating the IMAP settings, making sure IMAP access is enabled, and troubleshooting potential issues with IMAP mail. you can resolve the AOL Mail on IMAP server error in incoming mail when using Gmail’s IMAP settings.

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