Microtrend Internet Security Software was introduced into the digital world in June 2008 with the best of its 18 USPs as it protects the users from 18 Internet Threats all alone and was also the fastest to respond to the new Internet Threats. After-sales technical support TrendMicro team was making the users an ease to learn and get the best support on any of the Microtrend Benefits or issues. After the launch of the Software, there were some issues Encountered by the users while using the software. The TrendMicro Customer Service team has handled all the technical issues that majorly occurred during the user’s usage.

Here are some common issues that users often face with antivirus programs, and these apply to Micro Trend also:

1. Compatibility Issues:

Antivirus programs may conflict with other security software installed on the same system, leading to performance issues or even system crashes.

2. False Positives:

Antivirus software may sometimes incorrectly identify legitimate files or programs as threats, leading to false positives. This can result in important files being quarantined or deleted.

3. Performance Impact:

Some users may experience a slowdown in system performance, especially on older or less powerful computers, as antivirus software can consume system resources.

4. Update Problems:

Antivirus programs need regular updates to stay effective against the latest threats. Issues with automatic updates or failed updates can leave the system vulnerable.

5. Incompatibility with Other Software:

Certain applications or software updates may not work correctly in conjunction with the antivirus program, causing functionality issues.

6. License Activation Issues:

Users may encounter problems when trying to activate or renew their antivirus software licenses.

7. User Interface Glitches:

Some users might face issues with the graphical user interface, such as freezing, crashing, or displaying incorrect information.

8. Unwanted Pop-ups and Notifications:

Excessive or annoying pop-ups and notifications from the antivirus program can be a source of frustration for users.

9. Firewall Configuration Problems:

The firewall component of antivirus software may interfere with network connectivity or block legitimate network traffic.

10. Installation Failures:

Users may encounter difficulties during the installation process, preventing the antivirus software from being set up correctly.

TrendMicro Customer Service team moved all these issues to the technical Support TrendMicro Department for the resolutions on the software and after several updates, these Technical Issues were cleared.

To address these issues, users can try the following troubleshooting steps:

 > Ensure the TrendMicro software is up-to-date.

> Check for compatibility with other security software.

> Verify that the system meets the TrendMicro software’s requirements.

> Review and adjust settings to prevent false positives.

> Reinstall the TrendMicro program if necessary.

Or the user can get in touch with the Technical support of TrendMicro using the Links Below:

  1.  Technical Support TrendMicro (Direct Link to the support/Contact page)
  2. Customer Service Finland TrendMicro (Direct Link to the support/Contact page)
  3. TrendMicro Customer Service (Direct Link to the support/Contact page)
  4. Contact TrendMicro Customer Support (Live agent Chat)

Previous Version History Of MicroTrend Security

  • PC-cillin
  • PC-cillin 2
  • PC-cillin 95
  • PC-cillin 2000
  • PC-cillin 2002
  • PC-cillin 2003
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v11/2004
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v12/2005
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v14/2006
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v15/2007
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v16/2008
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v17/2009
  • PC-cillin Internet Security v18/2010
  • TrendMicro Titanium Internet Security v19-2011
  • TrendMicro Titanium Internet Security v20-2012
  • TrendMicro Titanium Internet Security v21-2013
  • TrendMicro Titanium Internet Security v22-2014
  • TrendMicro Internet Security v23/2015

TrendMicro Technical Support team has expert engineers who are working at their best to keep the software best of its capabilities with regular updates on the other hand the customer support Trendmicro Department has made things easy for the user’s best experience.

To get more information on any of the technical issues above listed the user can get in touch with the Customer Support TrendMicro using the links above.

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