The price that the user pays to use advanced features of QuickBooks. Quickbooks costs a very reasonable price with good features in a single Software. Quickbooks are used for accounting, bookkeeping, tax invoices, and billing files and also play a good role in managing your budgeting, inventory, and Stock. QuickBooks app is good in price, offering benefits to small businesses and self-employed workers plans. In addition, you can add payroll features to small and large businesses to prepare for additional monthly base charges. Their basic plans start from 20$/per month for Self-employed users and small businesses QuickBooks Costs 30$/month. For enterprises, Quickbooks Costs according to their 4 different plans, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Plans pricing. 

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How much QuickBooks Cost for Small Business?

Most small businesses across the world work in different types of industries, regularly deal with accountants, and need solutions, so that they can grow with their business needs for managing stocks, QuickBooks helps in keeping their data safe. For Small businesses, Quickbooks costs 30$/per month.

How much does QuickBooks cost for Desktop use per year?

Quickbooks plan starts with a subscription of 799/per year for their desktop for one user. The plan contains basic bookkeeping tools, including billing, reports of specific industries, time chasing, management of inventories and stocks, and much more.

The company charges the price of Quickbooks Services according to the features:-

  1. In plan name Simple Start of Quickbooks, tools of basic accounting for a single user, QuickBooks costs 30$ /Month.
  2. In the essential plan of Quickbooks, basic accounting, and bill management features are provided, for this plan QuickBooks Costs 60$ /month.
  3. In the Plus plan of Quickbooks, All the required features like accounting, stock management, and inventory tracking are available for use and these features are available to a maximum of 5 users, for which QuickBooks costs 90$ /Month.
  4. There is a plan available in Quickbooks by the name of Advanced Course, It provides access to up to 25 users with a dedicated accountant team, invoice, and workflow automation. Quickbooks Costs 200$ for this service.

These services mentioned above are best for small types of Businesses.

Does Quickbooks Cost More to Freelancers and Sole Proprietors?

Here are the plans available By QuickBooks for Freelancers and Sole Proprietors which are:-

  1. Self-employed plan, that estimates tax for every 3 months, mileage tracking, and feature for separating personal and business expenses. QuickBooks Costs 20$ /month for This Self Employed Plan.
  2. For Self Employed tax bundle Course plan Costs, 30$/Month. In these Course  Self-Employed features all are included, plus the transfer of Turbo Tax features is added.
  3. All Self-employed tax bundle Courses with access to CPA, are provided just at the price of 40$ /month. This course is available in the name of Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle Course.

Is there any Special plan available in QuickBooks for Enterprise?

There are four plans available, that QuickBooks provides to Enterprises in the names of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans:-       

For the Silver plan, QuickBooks Costs 1410$ for a single user, including inventory management, job costing, Customer Services, and Many More.

For  Gold Plan, Quickbooks costs  1830$ for a year, in this plan management of inventories, job costing, Customer Services, and payroll are also included.

For the Platinum plan, QuickBooks Costs 2250$ a year, all Gold features, with advanced inventory management features, advanced pricing rules, and approval of workflows.

For Diamond Features, QuickBooks Costs 4400$ /per year, All features are loaded in this feature, plus assisting Payroll to handle federal and filing of taxes for just  $1/employee each pay period. Buyers can also add a feature of connector for $150/month and QuickBooks charges for $5 /employee each month.


If you’re planning to buy a subscription to QuickBooks for your small business, large business freelancing, or Sole proprietorship, it is a good idea to use advanced features for a small amount of money. Unlike QuickBooks Costs are meager and their customer support is 

available for 24/7.

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